Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Geo Targeting

CDN / Geo-Targeting

CDN / Geo-Targeting How Does CD /Geo-Targeting Work? Servers...
BCZ IT Solution office

PC / Workstation

OKiT247 Offers Cost-Efficient, Reliable Workstations to Meet All of Your IT and Technical Infrastructure Needs Are You Looking...

Cloud Computing

OKiT247 Works For YouOur Clients Love Us Because We Never Settle On Being Lackluster
email hosting

Email Hosting

OKiT247 Business Email Hosting Is An Email Solution Designed For Maximum Availability Vital to your everyday business...
virtual hosting

Virtual Hosting + VPS

Built for scaling server resources the moment you need them. 
remote device

Mobile Devices Services

Extending A Variety of Dedicated Support Options OKiT247’s direct support model is for organizations looking to offset the...

H.A. / High Scalability

High Scalability Scalability is the ability of a system to provide throughput in...

Router / Proxy / Firewall

RouterProxyFirewall Sale Of Refurbished Hardware It is worth weighing up whether it...