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Diskless Computers Network

Increase productivity and simplify connectivity without the exorbitant costs. We’ll help you connect multiple devices on the same network, tie your computer network to the internet, and be flexible in your operations, hassle-free.

For Diskless Network or CyberCafe Setup Solutions

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We are a professional IT & Network Consulting Company providing a wide range of customized solution catering to a wide range of industries. Our professional engineers having strong technical experience in troubleshooting & provisioning solution specific to your industry, incorporating sound network solutions that also caters for web & remote scenarios.

We stand out amongst our competition with our team of qualified personnel that deliver thorough solution to your network & computing issues. We offer not just sales but personalized support for products & services. We are specialists in providing our customers with professional mail & collaboration solution, to improve customer’s organization workflow. We manage our client’s network & optimize it to support future growth.

Setup, Migration & Installation

One of the most commonly overlooked aspect of IT support is PC relocation when there is staff movement in the company. In any organization where there are movement in personnel or changes in your network, there will be a need to create or move user’s information like emails and data from one PC to another.

“If you are not networking, you’re not working.” -Dennis Waitley

Maintenance Service Contract

BCZ IT Solutions offers a selection of contract maintenance and on-call services to business organizations of all sizes. We understand that every business operates differently & our maintenance agreements are catered to fit your specific needs. We are able to develop a flexible plan be it a need for 24×7 or just 8×5 coverage.


Windows Server Support, Setup or Migration

Various mode of operations are supported in a typical Windows server & most servers operate in a mixture of these modes while others serve as a dedicated server for its assigned role.

Reduce Overall I.T. Aquisition Costs

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by transitioning from normal PC setup to centralized network, thus requiring fewer I.T. support or administrative oversight.

Minimal Maintenance & Servicing

Fewer moving parts and hardware translate to minimal repair and servicing compared with normal PC.

Malware & Virus Resistent

Depending on the setup of the network, a quick reboot or restore can get your PC up and running again like it is freshly installed each time you power up your PC unit.

Better Security, Centralized Storage

Data are kept centralized on server with point of failure minimized to specific locations requires lesser overall software and data maintenance.

“The internet is becoming the town square of the global village of tomorrow.” -Bill Gates

Faster Overall Updates & Upgrades

Plug and play client PCs can be installed and ready to use within 5 minutes by just replacing the same model PC.

Go Green & Reduce Carbon Footprint

Minimal hardware requirement uses less power and generate less heat without sacrificing performance.