Special Customization

Not all software are created equal.


When you have a special online business model, our system analyst will sit down with you to advice, plan and execute the entire project. Our designer will then design the web application’s user interface which is best suit your business model. Our programming team will then develop the custom web application and make it work.

Whatever you can dream up for your software and website needs, can be created by our amazing team of coding experts.

Modular Development & Extension To Existing Platforms

Every business is different with specialized niche in their development. We cater to such needs by providing integration services and customized software development to match our client’s expectations. Whether its mobile, tablet or a PC, you can be confident that it’ll be done the way you desire.

Optimized for Speed and SEO-Friendly

With a sublime content, our clients will receive an highly targeted traffic. Our clients will attract new customers and dominate their competition without losing speed. A good content will attract curious visitors to your site and turn them into potential leads. No one likes a slow website, here at OKiT247, we’ll optimize your website so your potential customers wouldn’t have to wait.

Dynamic Content

Aspects of our client’s website will be made dynamic in order to suit the readers’ needs. Content of our client’s website will be based on localization to correctly match language and references to the region of the reader. Whether you’d like your websites to be in a single language or a website that has different languages, we supply to our client’s preferences. We have a team of experts to cater to your needs.

Slider / Presentation Creation

Every business has different way they’d like to portray themselves. Here at OKiT247 we cater to clients who’d like a slider / presentation slides for their next big project or for an exhibition to attract potential customers.

Safe and Secured

If our clients wished to have a secured site where their can visit without worrying, we provide those services too. Our clients can be assured that their site will be 100% secured and rest easy while at it. If you dream it, we’ll make it a reality.