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Extending A Variety of Dedicated Support Options

OKiT247’s direct support model is for organizations looking to offset the requirement for internal technical resources to support Telecom assets and users, while simultaneously improving end-user satisfaction through efficient support avenues and response times.

Through a comprehensive and integrated approach, OKiT247 is able to act as an extension of your internal support teams to close support tickets in a timely matter, without the need for lengthy hold times or email support request resolution. End-users have a variety of options when creating new support requests with OKiT247 and our teams are trained on resolving requests in a timely and thorough fashion.

OKiT247 was developed specifically to address these issues. OKiT247 is a complete enterprise mobility management service that includes the establishment of a corporate mobility policy guide, device and application security, software maintenance and device lock down using the latest MDM tools. All this delivered by mobility experts with no capital expenditures or additional internal resource requirements.  OKiT247 enables you to reduce your deployment time and build a solution that will support today and tomorrow.

Our Services Included:

Phone Support

Our Help Desk team is fully trained to handle technical support requests and account inquiries/changes during regular business hours, with 24/7 support an option where required. Our teams are able to take as much, or as little as you require.

Email Support

OKiT247 utilizes a dedicated email support team to respond and complete requests. Each email is assigned a ticket and responded to in a timely manner, with full support ticket visibility at the administrator level.

Onsite Training Sessions

OKiT247’s teams are equipped to complete on-site client training sessions for multiple users on a variety of topics including mobile technologies, best use practices, general Q&A and other topics that your organization is having challenges with.

Key Benefits of OKiT247 Support Services

Increase Internal Efficiencies

OKiT247’s service teams allow your company to reduce hours spent on telecom related support requests. This includes both mobile device and fixed line assets.

Improved End-user Satisfaction

End-users now have a direct support avenue for their support requirements, with a timely turn around on support resolution. Users experience less downtime, quicker resolution timeframes and more time focusing on their core duties.

Hardware Procurement Simplified

Replacing mobile device hardware is streamlined by OKiT247 Mobile’s solutions, including procurement services through software and direct support requests. Achieve procurement efficiencies and increased account security with OKiT247 Mobile’s hardware procurement flows and manager approval processes to save time and enhance visibility and reconcile hardware expenses.

Reduce Costs

Cost reduction is achieved by internal resource ROI and OKiT247’s support representatives verifying hardware and usage charges before they are billed to your account.

Supporting Your Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The introduction of consumer devices into the enterprise has dramatically increased the number and types of devices requiring support. These devices are enabling employees at all levels to gain access to corporate resources such as email, but they also provide a platform to access additional business applications that interface with our core business processes. As such, you must manage these devices to ensure that they are secure and that employees can gain access to the applications that they need in a structured environment.

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