Co-Location Hosting

CarrierConsulting Slide Colocation
CarrierConsulting Slide Colocation

OKiT247’s high availability & high bandwidth solutions, coupled with the state-of-the-art data centres are designed to give businesses everything they need. Besides, with other data centres situated around the world, our worldwide customers enjoy the fastest network access, besides 24/7 server care.

Stable Bandwidth

OKiT247’s high availability & high bandwidth solutions are designed to give you everything you need to maximize your business uptime. 100Mbps server grade connection is ready for you to boost anything great on the Internet. Network monitoring tools will help you determine the ideal settings for your website traffic. In addition, you can upgrade your Internet bandwidth as an add-on service.

24/7 Server Care

Our data center facilities are backed by friendly and professional 24×7 customer care, and enhanced security and safety with centralized monitoring system, all housed in a guarded building with secure door access and CCTV surveillance system.

Top Level Support

Top level support is included in the co-location package — we perform basic server monitoring and handling, such as checking the output from the server screen, pressing on/off switch to reset the server, and swapping a faulty cable. Moreover, optional server management service is available to provide you with a comprehensive list of services (optional).

World Class Server Environment (HVAC Temperature Control)

We make sure your co-location server performs at its top at our data center. We regulate the temperature to 20°C (±2°C) and humidity 50%rH (± 5%rH) to ensure your server is fully optimized. Racks are also populated with the heaviest and most power-dense equipment to give your server the best access to the air.