Search engine has come a long way and evolved a lot for the past few weeks! Google’s search algorithm is ever changing, seemingly focusing on geographical or location-based searches.

We all know current search engine ranking focuses on more than 200+ ranking factors. What drives ranking has more to do with consistent updates towards the latest in Google search algorithm upgrades diligently.

Having powered 500,000 websites and playing around with different factors affecting the search results presentation, I know it’s a never ending cycle to outrank your competitors. This field is too specialized and starting to becoming a very wide topic of argument trying to make search engine optimization resilient to future major search engine algorithm updates.

I’ve come to the realisation that search engine optimization will be even more competitive in the weeks to come. A lot more factors will play into how the industry in general bids on quality seo positioning in the market.

Believe it or not, some industries pay a lot more for search ranking, thus is more competitive and harder to rank than other industry players. However, with persistence, constant innovation, constant upgrade of SEO knowledge, paying a lot of tuition fees, willing to do and go the extra mile towards getting better search ranking results (or just hiring us), matters in the long run.

Luckily for newcomers, it seems it’s also not that difficult to outrank the old timers in the industry. It used to be the longer the existence of the domain name has been around, the higher they rank. However, other factors also come into play so Google is really doing rather well in trying to even the playing field for newcomers into the game. Good luck to your search ranking!

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