Managed Services


BCZ Managed Services helps you save time and money by offloading critical, time consuming IT services and freeing up your valuable resources enabling them to add value to your most important task at hand ā€“ your business.

Backed by Universal Squad, we provide end-to-end I.T. support and services for our clients ranging from SMEs to MNCs.

Office Networking

Increase productivity and simplify connectivity without the exorbitant costs.

Cloud Facilities

With our enterprise-grade, globally deployed, proprietary hosting capabilities, we help businesses engage clients, create eCommerce opportunities and provide safe reliable solutions for the masses.

Cluster Compute

Network multiple computing units together to achieve greater computational capabilities and load distribute processing power across multiple computing nodes.

Big Data Management

Slow processing? Data too big to handle efficiently? Consult with us for a variety of tools and services. We may be able to streamline your data with ease and efficiency.